Counter Balance Forklift Training

Operating a forklift truck is a specialised skill. Many accidents are caused by untrained drivers operating trucks in ignorance of the special conditions that apply to forklifts.

There are four main types of Forklift Training courses that we can deliver

Novice Course: 3 Days
Conversion Course: 1 Day
Experienced Operator: ½ Day
Refresher Course: ½ Day

All courses can be availed of in our training centre or else on the customer’s premises.

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This course is designed for beginners with little or no experiences, who receive a certificate of qualification at the end of the course, provided they achieve the required standard in the theoretical and practical tests.

Conversion Training

HSA guidance outlines that drivers trained on one type of truck require conversion training if they are to operate a different type of truck. This course is designed to equip an operator with a valid operator’s certificate on a particular type of forklift (e.g. Counterbalance or Reach), with the skills necessary to drive the alternative truck.

Experienced Operators

This course is designed for experienced operators who are familiar with the steering characteristics of the lift truck and have the ability to manoeuvre both forward and reverse in a confined area. They should also be experienced in load handling functions. Certificates are awarded to participants at the end of the course, provided they achieve the required standard in the theoretical and practical tests.

Refresher Training

Regular refresher training is recommended to keep Fork Lift Truck operators safe and to sharpen operator techniques. HSA guidance on forklift trucks states that operators should undergo refresher training to keep them from developing bad habits, or if and when their work practices change. This course is suitable for experienced operators who require a refresher course.


The course will consist of both theoretical and Practical exam.

The successful candidate will be issued with an RTITB certificate which is valid throughout the UK and Ireland

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