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Our primary objective in our consulting engagement is to improve our client’s profitability by increasing productivity, improving quality and competitiveness and reducing costs. These clients are based in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, transportation, healthcare, commercial printing, construction and real estate industries.

Our success in helping our clients achieve superior levels of performance and profitability is rooted in our high degree of experience and our approach to management consulting. Our in-depth knowledge of our client’s industry allows us to very quickly identify opportunities for improvement and to act on them. One of the most important elements in our approach to consulting is our commitment to implementing our recommendations jointly with our client. This collaborative effort with our clients insures that opportunities for improvement will be realized short term and sustained in the long term.

Our history of improving the profitability of our clients enables us to guarantee results in our consulting engagements. This guarantee provides that our consulting fee is contingent on the project’s success. To support this guarantee, we defer all invoicing for consulting services until profitability improvement has been achieved by our client.

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